We are incredibly proud to be serving great quality coffee [Sunday collab – The Green Room Blend]. An eco-friendly blend which has a rich and lively structure although with mellow body and acidity this blend is an ideal all day coffee. Origins – Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru and India. Available to drink in or takeaway.



> Great coffee – Sunday collab The Green Room Blend

> Shakes made with Real ingredients

> Loose leaf tea 

> Single origin hot chocolate flakes 



All our shakes are made with full fat milk and ice cream. They’re flavoured with real ingredients and topped with cream. There are a wide range of flavours from peanut and caramel to cookies and cream. Available to drink in or takeaway.

Hot Chocolate

All our hot chocolates are made from single origin high quality chocolate flakes. Dark chocolate available as a delicious vegan drink when made with milk alternative. Available to drink in or takeaway.

Loose leaf tea

Quality, delicious leaf teas. All our teas come from suppliers who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Our range of teas is ever changing and growing.